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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The holidays are upon us...

...and that means life is starting to become a bit more hectic.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner here at the campground where there were roughly 35 people in attendance.  The feast was wonderful, complete with all the fixings, and it gave us a chance to meet our "neighbors".

Scott purchased our first Sacramento paper that morning with no intentions of us going out and braving the crowds the following day.  Maria quickly became enthralled by the Toys R Us ad commenting on how she wanted all things "princess" for Christmas. I told her to tell Grandma... ha!


We did, however, manage to pile into the truck for an afternoon romp at that wooden park I've previously mentioned.  We really like it there and the girls' enjoy watching all the ducks and geese. 

*** note to self ***
bring bread

Also, this cooler weather has been perfect for the pair of vintage overalls I bought for Ginger a while back.  They're so cute on her and fit her perfectly!  They keep her clothes clean and her chubby little body warm.


Scott's been reading on the evenings he's been home... that is if we're not wrapped up in a really good movie. ;)  He also made his first snowboard trip to Lake Tahoe for the season.  However, the change to the crisper, mountain air gave way to a dreadful head cold.  I'm sure though that it was all worth it.


He was gone all day so I decided to whip up a batch of Carmelita bars... in which I burnt.  Being that there's no snow, I find that I need to psych myself up for the holidays. I'll listen to Christmas music in the afternoon,  allow Maria to watch countless Christmas cartoons and movies, and I'm doing LOTS and LOTS of baking.  I told Maria that we would make sugar cookies sometime this week while Scott's at work.  I bought a rolling pin, cookie cutters, and $5 worth of sprinkles and sugars. Lets just hope I have the patience for an extra set of hands in this tiny kitchen.

The cooler, rainy weather has also brought out the crafter in me. With lots of knitting projects soon to be started and a 
Rubbermaid tote full of jewelry supplies waiting to be made into something lovely.  A steaming hot cup of tea by my side and my knitting needles in hand, I sit in the evenings and let my fingers get to work.  It's actually quite therapeutic and it allows me to collect my thoughts.

tis the season for tea

I still have Christmas cards to fill out, shopping to do, baking to be had, and some preparations for Christmas Day guests.  Not to mention our four year anniversary at the end of the year!

It's going to be a quick and very busy December.



  1. warm n fuzzy...very cozy:)

  2. It looks like you are staying quite busy and festive. I am jealous that you have started your baking. We have yet to get started on our holiday cookies. I am hoping to start this week.


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