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Monday, October 25, 2010


Seattle has one of the best farmer's markets ever... and we had the chance to check it out!

pike place market

It's called Pike Place Market and it is AMAZING!  Coming from a fairly small city with a not-so-good farmers market, to something this massive and gorgeous was incredible.  We both couldn't believe the size of this place and what it had to offer.

rows and rows of fresh fruit

fresh produce



HUGE, beautiful bouquets of flowers...


for only $10!!

large colorful bouquets...

There was a fresh fish market where the employees threw fish around like it was a football.


and an abundance of fresh seafood.  yum!!

pike place market...


There were also local crafts people selling their handmade goods and an array of delicious places to eat.  It was hard not to buy something from every place we went.  We ate the best cheddar, onion, and pepper roll ever!  They're made fresh right at the window and served warm.  To die for!  We bought a loaf of fresh crusty bread to satisfy the little ones for the way home on the Lite Rail.  That was a fun, new experience for all of us as well.

We went to the first Starbucks as well.  It looks quite a bit different from the ones you see around.  No seating either. 

The market pretty much took up our whole day and by the end, we decided to forgo the space needle and visit the aquarium instead. 


The girls had a blast!  They got to touch all sorts of tide pool critters and also got to see otters, sea lions, octopus, and a colorful variety of fish.

After Seattle we headed down to Portland... our destination after this year long excursion is over.

We had lots of fun there too!

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  1. Yes, the $10 flowers. I could visit everyday, buy a huge bouquet, and not break the bank.


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