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Upon my 30th birthday, I came to the realization that life is too dang short.  Having spent my entire life on the northern shore of Lake Superior, I encouraged my husband to sell our 'doll house', buy an Airstream trailer, renovate it, and travel the country before our #1 starts school. We were able to achieve our goal within a month or two and made the move out west with California being our first destination.  You can read about most of it here.

Having never been one to keep a journal, we thought a blog would be a fantastic way for family, friends, and everyone in between to keep up on our cross-country shenanigans.  I try my best to give an honest portrayal of our day to day happenings... the good and the not-so-good.  

We have only yet begun our journey across this beautiful nation, and the comments and encouragement we have received thus far are surely what keep us going... thank you!

We hope that you continue to check in on our travels and feel free to subscribe to "Our Unconventional Life" for instant updates sent directly to your email.


We are no longer traveling the country in our 'silver bullet'.  The stresses of being on the road were proving themselves to be too challenging for our growing family.  Although we spent roughly nine months on the road, we made the decision to purchase the home that Barb grew up in and once again settle into the surroundings of the north shore of Lake Superior.  It's funny how moving away can help you appreciate the things you once took for granted.  We hope you continue to check in our shenanigans and see what this crazy family is up to.  

Barb, Scott, Maria, & Ginger