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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sacramento at last

Well, here we are... Sacramento.  To be honest, I'm not even sure when we arrived, but it feels as though we've already been here a week.  We're staying at another KOA campground in West Sacramento, which turned out to be the nicest one in the area.  There's a pool, game room, free cable, and nice showers WITH a bathmat to step on.  Something I've come to appreciate while being on the road.

We've already done a bit of exploring, but haven't taken many pictures... yet.  Scott seems to have acquainted himself with the freeways and city streets, while I on the other hand, have only driven into downtown once and came right back home.  Realizing the truck won't fit into any parking ramps, and with few small parking spaces, I found myself frustrated.  I need more practice or maybe I just need to learn how to get to the Arden Fair Mall.  One store that is only a mile or two away though is IKEA.

love IKEA

We made our first trip there a few days ago and had ourselves a $1 ice cream cone when we were finished shopping.  It was actually really good and the cone was crunchy and fresh, not stale and chewy.

Scott's been busy studying in the evenings for an ACLS class that is this weekend. I have all the confidence in the world that he'll pass with flying colors.

The girls have been on bike rides to several parks around the city and have also explored the grounds in which we live.  They've discovered a bench over by the pond that is home to different creatures including a snake and a lizard.  Pretty cool.  The weather here has been gorgeous!!  Since we've arrived, it's been sunny and in the mid to upper 70's.  We have our pants rolled up and we're wearing our flip flops.  Scott even took a dip in the pool last night!  Neither of us miss the colder, wet weather they've been having back home.  However, the increase in spiders around here really freaks me out.  I just killed another HUGE one (that makes 4 today) on the wall just above where I sleep.  YUCK!!  I don't know how they're getting in here! 

I met and had lunch with another online friend yesterday.  She's less than two hours away which means frequent road trips are inevitable. 

Today Scott, the girls and I drove to a wonderful park in East Sacramento.  The playground there was much like the old Playfront Park back home with it's wooden castle-like apparatus.  There was also a pond with fountains, turtles, ducks, and geese.

H street

There's also a nice community center with a large outdoor pool.  Much bigger than the one here at the campground.  It center also houses a library and offers different classes that you can take.

orange & white chevron

The only major problem that we've run into since being here, is a red ant invasion back in the girls' room.  A few days ago, Maria began whining off and on throughout the day about being itchy.  I blew it off because there were no bite marks on her skin and also because she will find any excuse to complain.  Yesterday morning I noticed some ants on the kitchen floor and a few more in the bedroom.  Today they've quadrupled in numbers and are all around Maria's bed.  I thought for sure they were coming from the trailer trunk, but come to find out they've found a way in around the outdoor electrical outlet.  Scott set out some traps and also sprayed some ant killer at the base of the problem hoping they'll bring it back to the nest.  Tonight Maria is sleeping by me on the floor and Scott is sleeping in her bed.  He seems to think that little red ants crawling all around his head won't be bothersome.  I'm still unsure if the itching is still just in her head or if it's real, but lets hope this problem gets resolved and the "itching" goes away.

Otherwise, things have been good.  I believe we're planning a trip to Lake Tahoe next Thursday to visit some of Scott's friends.  I've never been there and I hear it's beautiful!  We're considering renting a room at one of the casinos up there.  Here's to hoping there's no bedbugs!!

I leave you tonight with a picture of tonight's sky... it's just like a watercolor painting, isn't it?


More soon!!


  1. good ol' ikea!
    " she will find any excuse to complain"'s hoping you both learn tolerance along the way.

  2. Oh Barb, you cross my mind and I think "What a cool adventure she is on!"

  3. I lived in Davis for 7 years and know Sac well! Glad you found Arden Mall. The K Street mall in down town is also good. Now, what you need to do find is the Dos Coyotes Border Cafe! There are a couple in the Sac area. It originated in Davis way back in the 90's when I was a college student. It has a cult following now. If you like shrimp, the shrimp burrito is the only thing I have EVER ordered there and I have eaten there a gazillion times!
    Lake Tahoe is my favorite place on earth. I've lived in the Bay Area all my life and Tahoe is my second home. Please don't settle for just sticking around the casino area. It's fun, but NOT the truest picture of the area. Travel to Emerald Bay in the south shore. It is unbelievably gorgeous. You can take a boat tour to it and that is fun too. My other favorite places in Tahoe: Ehrman Mansion in Sugar Pine Point State Park just past Emerald Bay on the Southwest side of the lake. And Sand Harbor on the Northeast side of the lake.
    I've linked you to pictures of us jumping off the pier at the Ehrman Mansion in July (when the water level was higher!)

    Have a fun time there! I'm envious!
    Oh, and take a little afternoon trip into Old Sac and visit the fun shops and have dinner at Fat's City. :)
    A bike ride around the UC Davis campus is also fun and if you are staying in the Sac area for good, you must attend Picnic Day at Davis in the spring time.
    Sac is such a central location to everything in California. You are close to Gold Country and San Francisco, the Sierra Nevadas....You will LOVE California! Welcome!

  4. So glad you made it safe and are somewhat settled (other than the ants and spiders). I think it's the time of year, they seem to be coming out of the woodwork. We've only been here (East of Sacramento) for about 5 months and you have already done more exploring that us. I guess that's one advantage of traveling light - I'm still un packing. I've been wanting to go to the Antique Fair, but haven't made it yet - it's still on my list but now that I see you enjoyed it so....I'm making the push to go.

    We stayed near Old Sac for awhile when we were house hunting, and it's such a fun area. Sounds like you made it to McKinley Park. We've only been briefly (again while house hunting) but the rose gardens are amazing in the spring. Have fun exploring - hope you love it here as much as we are.


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