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Thursday, November 25, 2010

A day in the life

As you may already know from the video I had previously posted, Maria loves Cinderella and anything princess oriented.  One afternoon I came home to find this scene....

princess trip

Supposedly she was a sleeping princess waiting for her prince (Scott) to come and kiss her so she would awake from her slumber. Scott and Ginger had piled the books on her to see if she'd move... she didn't.

She laid there for quite awhile and Scott and I thought she was bound to fall asleep for an afternoon nap.  Then she filled us in on her plan.

"I'm waiting for the prince to come and kiss me" she said.

Oooohhh... well alrighty then.


Pretty cute and quite the imagination!

This past week I took Maria to Great Clips for a long overdue haircut.

haircut dip

I was sceptical about going there, but Jenny did a great job and Maria sat there like an angel.  Not one peep.


Having her hair short really makes everyone's life a lot easier.  No more pulling out barrettes... or hair for that matter.


She really seems to like it short too.  Now I need to figure out what to do with Ginger's hair... bangs or no bangs??


Scott has started work and seems to like it there.  He's found a co-worker who enjoys biking and invited him to go on a night ride. It's nice to know he's making friends... now I just need to find a good knitting circle where I can learn and meet new people.

With Scott being gone 12-14 hours a day, life around here can get a bit chaotic.  However, I seem to have settled into a routine which requires me getting up at 7:00 am... something that is not easy for me.  Generally the girls play all morning until Ginger's morning nap, where lately Maria's been napping too.  During these quiet moments, I take out my latest knitting project and attempt to collect my thoughts.  I enjoy the quiet very much. :)

the girls2-0581

Surprisingly the days go by quickly and before I know it, it's time to make dinner and put the kids to bed.  I'm also beginning to think that things run a bit smoother around here WITH Scott gone all day.  I suppose it could be that there's no conflicting ideas of who's boss.

I've been experienting with some new recipes which is always fun. A butternut squash meatloaf, which needs a few tweaks, and a broccoli and goat cheese gallette, which I enjoyed more than anyone else, will be sure to grace our table once again.

the girls-0585

Today is Thanksgiving and we'll be spending it here at the campground.  We'll be attending a potluck in the KOA recreation room and we're told that there will be turkey, potaoes, stuffing, and pie.  I'll be making some bars this afternoon to bring to the occasion.  I have no plans of braving the crowds tomorrow for a day of shopping, but I do plan on purchasing a paper to take a peek at the ads.

We have lots to be thankful for and we try to take nothing for granted.  I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and be sure to eat LOTS of turkey.


  1. very warm and fuzzy...what a kid that maria is!!!!

  2. beautiful everyday living..
    love the cut...the images are wonderful barb...thanks for sharing...xo


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