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Monday, October 18, 2010

Our weekend in the Black Hills of South Dakota

Our first destination on our trip to California was a couple night stay in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  We didn't quite meet our goal of getting there in one day, so we stayed overnight in the RV friendly parking lot of Wall Drug in Wall, South Dakota.  I'm sure you've seen the bumper stickers for this place and it definitely a place to stop for all it's oddities.

wall drug-0482

scott and lady-0480

jackalope bench monday
Ginger and I riding the giant Jackalope

We stopped for a donut in the cafe and browsed through the stores.  Maria didn't care much for all the weird statues spread out around this place and complained most of the time about wanting to go home.

After sightseeing, we hopped back in the truck for the two hour drive to the Black Hills.  Scott and I made a trip here before we were married and I almost forgot how gorgeous it is here.  Make room for this fantastic destination for all you travelers out here.

the black hills-0500


We saw buffalo, wild turkey, deer, prairie dogs, and goats all while driving through Custer State Park.

While visiting you must see the Mount Rushmore monument.  It's amazingly beautiful... and big!!

rushmore with flags-0008

Go there in the early hours of the day to get the morning sunshine shining on George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and my favorite Abraham Lincoln.

rushmore -0015

rushmore  and us-0028

Ginger and Maria had a lot of fun running around afterward.  It must have felt good to get some exercise after all that driving.

new knits

It was a good thing we got an early start because there's much to see and a lot of driving to be had.  After visiting Mount Rushmore we headed down the Needles Highway.  Truly spectacular!!


All the valley, winding roads, and rock formations make for the perfect road tour.

We drove through many tunnels, some of which were so narrow we almost didn't make it through.


We had a picnic overlooking the valley...


and at the top we saw the Needlepoint.  It sort of reminds me of Arches National Park in Utah... another great vacation site.

needle point-0084

rock climbin-0081

We're so glad we had the time to stop and see this beautiful place once again.

This morning we'll be heading to Bozeman, Montana to visit some friends and hopefully grab a buffalo burger and a beer at a local brewery.  We'll be there for a few nights and then we're off to the next destination.

Stay tuned!!

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  1. YeeHaw girl! You sure know how to ride a Jackalope! What a hoot! Great shots of some amazing places! Of all the traveling I've done in my life I've never seen Mt Rushmore. Stunning! Thanks so much for sharing your travels with us!


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