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Friday, November 16, 2012

some seasons have come and gone....

Spring came with sunny skies...

warm days in the sun

chartreuse leaves...

new leaf

and eighteen cups of rhubarb.


summer was spent canning pickles...

dill pickles

taking Polaroids...


and developing film.


we caught Monarchs in vintage coffee jars...

she caught one!

and took impromptu dips in the surprisingly warm lake.

swimming in lake superior

we assessed the damage of the 'big flood'...

rainy day

and spent several days with family relaxing by the lake.

at the cabin

there was outdoor dining on our new patio table that Scott built...


several outdoor art shows (Facebook page here)...

I'm ready to make some sales!

and lets not forget that a certain somebody turned three. :)


Autumn brought us a kindergartner...

we have ourselves a kindergartener!

more apples than we knew what to do with...

apple pie for later

a sky that was on fire...

the sky was on fire

some autumn knits...

fingerless mitts


all geared up for 'boo at the zoo'

and another room made 'liveable'

the 'east room'

these last few months have been a wild ride with our share of ups and downs.  it feels good to be sharing here once again.


  1. glad to be reading once again.

  2. I tried pinning the pic of maria reading on the evocative:) but you are private;(


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