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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Maria's special day

I just wanted to quickly share a few pictures from Maria's birthday... a couple weeks late I might add.

On Friday (her actual birthday) she opened gifts bright and early and reveled in all her new goodies, including some new washable markers and a set of pony sheets.




Later that day we went to a park in Duluth with Maria's cousin Luke and second cousin Zhaina.  The kids had a blast running around and afterwards we took them all to Bridgeman's (Maria's favorite restaurant) for dinner.

bridgemans maria-0032

bridgemans luke2-0029

bridgemans zhaina-0031

On Saturday we spent the day at home with family... lots of family.  It turned out larger than planned, but was fun nonetheless.  We visited, opened more gifts, ate lasagna, sang happy birthday, and enjoyed rainbow cake.

ginger eating-0036

5 swirly candles

OH!  the anticipation!!

blowing out candles-0042


After it was all said and done, Maria confided in me that it was 'the best birthday ever', but I think she says that every year. :)


  1. sweet birthday shots! I love the look of anticipation on her face while waiting to blow out the candles! My youngest LOVES horses! Where did you find those sheets?

    1. Stephanie, I found them at Target!! in the little girls section :)

  2. that is the coolest cake i have ever seen. lucky maria - cheers to her !
    hope all is good.


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