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Thursday, March 29, 2012

I painted my parent's hutch

My parent's had intended on taking the hutch with them when they permanently moved down to Arizona, but it was either unable to fit in the trailer or my mother couldn't figure out where to put it in their new house.  So, I told them they could leave it here. I knew I wanted to repaint this and another shelving unit in the kitchen to match, but I didn't realize what a pain in the butt this project was going to end up being.

I originally bought this color paint to use on these two pieces as well as Ginger's dresser, but right away I knew it was the wrong color for the kitchen.  I ended up loving it for her dresser, but now I have a full can of paint that I don't know what to do with.

After that mistake, I knew I needed to go lighter in color so I 'quickly' picked out a new color (paint choice #1) off a paint chip.  After painting two coats I realized I didn't like it.  There wasn't enough contrast between the wall and the hutch.  I ended up taking the can back to Menard's to have them add more color.  I came home with paint choice #2.


I put one coat on and it was definitely darker and a lot better, but the color was still to blue and 'cool' for the rest of the colors in the house.  Now you are probably going to say to yourself "but the last color and the final color are the same", but trust me, they weren't.

I made the decision to go to my local hardware store and get a new  can of paint, this time with more green in it and with a warmer tone.  This is the final product that I'm fairly happy with, but mostly I'm just so sick of thinking about it that I'm leaving it as is.


Don't get me wrong, I DO like it. :)  It was so hard to get the color right in the pictures, but it closely resembles a teal colored Fiesta mug.


The room in which the hutch sits is still pretty sparse.  We just bought this 7 ft. circular rug (which should be here tomorrow) to go in this room and once I find someone to help me recover some box cushions and reupholster a couple of chairs, it will look more full.  I plan to put a large vintage school map that we found in Minneapolis in this room as well.


I filled the hutch up with all my pretty things and a few sentimentals as well.  I found the Taylor Smith & Taylor dish set at Savors before we moved into the trailer.  It was a steal of a deal and I've slowly been adding to the set every time I see a matching piece.



This is a photo of my mother's parent's when they were young and in love... new love. :)  I love it!


This is my first Polaroid picture I ever took.  It's of our rose bush from our old house.  I loved that place.


This photo is of my Grandpa (my Dad's dad), not sure when it was taken, but I'm going to guess he was 18 or so.  The tin was an estate sale find.  I remember my mother having the same tin when I was young, only it was square and a bit bigger.


And here we have an handheld antique mirror and one of my many bird's nests.  The nest sits atop a collection of old children's books that I found at an estate sale.  


I believe the books date back to 1880 or something like that.  Completely adorable too!


I'm relieved that the hutch is done.  What intended to be a couple day project turned into a project that dragged out over a week or two.

Scott's planning to paint the kitchen mid April and I'm hoping to paint the kitchen 'unit' fairly soon as well.

I'm heading out today for a solo trip to Duluth, which is always so nice, and a lunch date with my older sister.  We haven't done that in ages!

Enjoy your day!!


  1.'s all so pretty and thoughtful! I love the final color you chose for the hutch. Choosing color for future is extremely difficult and while it was a pain I'm glad you stuck with it till you got something you are happy with. I wanted to tell you how much I LOVE the image of the hand mirror with your blurred reflection! Brilliant! Have a nice trip and enjoy time with your sister!

  2. Love it!!! And so excited you are getting the rug :)

  3. that hutch is the cutest thing no matter the color!!


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