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Thursday, February 23, 2012

snow, soup, and a painted dresser

It finally snowed!  A few days ago roughly 4 or 5 inches of that fluffy white stuff fell from the sky and greeted us when we woke up.  I couldn't wait to send the kids outside to play.  They lasted outdoors for about 45 minutes before they wanted to come back in.  I told Maria that when I was a kid, I would play outside all. day. long.  I think she found it amusing and impossible.  Those were the days....

As you can see, we have painted all the walls and radiators on the main floor white... well, minus the hallway and the kitchen.  It was a pretty big job but we managed to get it done in one weekend.  It feels so bright and fresh in here now.  The 'carpet guy' is coming this afternoon to measure out the square footage and we should have some new gray carpet in the next week or two.  No more Berber!  After the carpet is installed we'll reattach the cedar trim and hopefully start getting some shelves and pictures on the walls.
We've also made the decision to paint the wood fireplace... my dad will be so disappointed.  sorry dad. :(  I will most likely get that done this weekend before the carpet is installed.

We're still searching for some odds and ends furniture.  My friend Jake is helping us out in finding some tree trunks for either end of the couch.  I'm planning to do this to them... minus the legs.

I finally got around to painting Ginger's dresser too.  Over the summer we found it for free on the side of the road.  It was dark wood and the top of it had a big burn hole in it like someone left a candle burning or something.  I asked my dad to attach a new top and now you can't even tell that it's been replaced.


It was my first time using Floetrol mixed in with the paint and I really like the results.  Less brush strokes and no drag marks.
The color turned out different than I thought it was going to be but I still like it.  I intended to use the same color on two hutches on the main floor, but the color just isn't gonna jive. :)

I replaced the old pulls with new glass knobs that I found at Target and I think it adds to it's vintage charm.



Last but not least, I HAVE to share this amazing soup recipe with you too!  If you've ever had the Zuppa Toscana from the Olive Garden (and liked it), then this recipe is a must have for your recipe box.  It tastes just like the real thing.  Next time I will increase the bacon and decrease the sausage and pepper flakes.  Yowza it was spicy!  Scott ended up having to eat most of it because it was too hot for my liking, but the flavor was incredible!  And! last night I made Peach Lacquered Chicken Wings for dinner and they were so good that it was hard to stop eating them.  I'm going to suggest you add that one to your recipe box as well.

zuppa toscana

That's all for now.  Hope you all enjoy your weekend. I'll be painting... again!


  1. dad's fine with on the other hand...not so sure to do a before and after.

  2. You are making great progress. I've got several furniture painting projects on the horizon so I'll have to try that 'flo' stuff. Thanks for the info. Did you prime the chest first or just rough it up ( I imagine it may already been kind of rough). I love the color. What's different about it than you were expecting? It looks great - so cheery. Have. Great weekend.


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