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Thursday, November 3, 2011


I took some time on the first day of November to walk through our vacant house.  It was weird... really weird.  My parents weren't there to greet me at the door and when I walked into the kitchen and around the corner, I saw this.


and this


Practically empty rooms except for the few things my parents chose to leave behind, including that love seat in the first photo.

picture window

My intention was to come in and check on the progress of the floors upstairs, but I couldn't help but take in the quietness before it was all gone.

I couldn't hear the guys upstairs and figured they were out to lunch, so I knew I didn't have much time.  I took some pictures and thought about childhood memories, knowing that my children will make their own memories here too.

light switch

I walked up the stairs and found the bare floors, stripped away of all the scratches and wear marks that were once there.  I'm sure my parents had always wanted the floor refinished when they lived here, but various reasons kept them from doing it.  I wonder how they feel about it now?  I wonder how they will feel when they come to visit next summer and find that it doesn't feel much like it used to when they lived here?

sanding in progress

We have plans for this house... lots of them.  Some of which I'm reluctant to share with my Mom and Dad.  They told us that we have our whole lives to get it the way we want, but I tend not to work that way.  I'm either 'all in' or 'all out'.

sanding in progress

I'm already starting to feel overwhelmed by everything.  Packing, unpacking, painting, taking down wallpaper, my jewelry studio, Thanksgiving, Christmas, potty training, getting Ginger into a big girl bed... it doesn't stop.  But today I realized that I can't do it all, not at one time.  I think I tend to get ahead of myself and my mind starts to race with all the things I want or need to do.  All the while forgetting to live right here, right now.

I bought myself a nice journal about a month ago and have yet to make a single entry.  Maybe now is the time to get these thoughts on paper so I can breathe.

*I'll be back soon with updates on the girls speech therapy session, pictures from Halloween, and a little something that touches my heart*


  1. barb, this is gonna be quite a journey for all of us...i can't express the unexpedted emotions felt tonite as i read and reread.......looked and looked again at the place that was my "constant" for as long as i can remember........i can almost feel your heartbeat as you walked through the door that first november morning :-*

  2. What a beautiful home. The memories will never fade Barb and I can totally understand your reluctance, fear and excitement. They will love whatever you do because you did it. I think the diary is a brilliant idea.

  3. can't wait for the reveal!


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