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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Good things

Good things have been happening around here lately and I'm eager to tell you about a few.

First of all, my parents packed up all their things in the Uhaul trailer and headed for Tucson early this morning.  It's bittersweet that they're no longer living there and are now permanent residents of the south, but at the same time we are extremely happy to be moving in and taking over what they've worked so hard on these last 40+ years.  We didn't waste any time getting a professional in there today to redo the hardwood floors upstairs. We won't technically be moved in and living there until the end of the week.  Scott will probably start moving some things in on Tuesday and maybe I can start organizing the kitchen.  It's going to be so nice to once again have a dishwasher as well as a washer and dryer.

Today is Scott's 32nd birthday too!  The girls gave him his gift this morning before he left for work... a black, metal vintage lunch box and the David Sedaris book "When you are engulfed in flames".  I got him David's other book last year for Christmas and he liked it.  From what I've heard, this one is good too.  I've baked chocolate brownies at his request and V.I.P. pizza is what's for dinner.  Yum!

I also knit him up a new winter hat using the Seaman's Cap pattern off ravelry.  I'm calling it "Scott's Seaman". :)  He wore it to work this morning, which made me happy.


And, as we all know, Halloween (which is my least favorite holiday) is tomorrow.


Maria's planning to be a unicorn and Ginger will be a skunk.  I'm not sure how Ginger will handle all the spookiness considering she can't even look at our jack-o-lanterns, but Maria is EXtremely excited.

The girls also have an appointment tomorrow with a speech therapist.  Maria has trouble saying her r's, s's, and l's and Ginger STILL isn't talking.  Although she says 'uh-oh' and 'mama' the majority of what does come out of her mouth sound a lot like grunts... almost like humming.  We're hoping that the therapist, with a lot of dedication, can get some words out of her because I've tried and nothing is working.  She's able to get her point across by pointing and such, but it's frustrating for all of us.  Not to mention I'm DYING to hear her little voice!  I'll let you know how it all goes.

I finished up a little sweater for Ginger last week.  The pattern is pretty easy and would be a great first time sweater project.  It's a bit big around the neck (my fault I'm sure) but I'm beginning to think that she's narrow in the shoulders.  Perhaps this isn't the best neckline for her. It's still pretty cute on her though.

winter berry

We went for a walk by the lake the other day.  It really felt like fall as I was wishing I had some gloves.  The girls didn't seem to care.  They ran around, up and down the hill, and posed for a moment so I could get a picture.  It's very rare that I get a picture of Ginger with a smile on her face.  It's almost like her and Maria swapped personalities for a minute.


I'm currently in the process of knitting up some stocking stuffers and other Christmas gifts as well as a sweater for Maria.  I've started pinning on Pinterest, AND I've got a book or two (or three) in the works through Blurb... hoping to get at least two of them done by Christmas.  Between all that, moving into the house, and having kids running around, I'm beginning to wonder if I can do it all.  Why do I always seem to take on SO much?? 

I guess it's what keeps me ticking.

More soon!


  1. how'd the appointment go?

    lovin' all the hand knits you're cranking out! wish we could pop over for a visit, go for a walk, sit and knit and drink tea! x

  2. Wow - you are certainly keeping busy. Can't wait to see how you put your touch on the family home. Hope you are able to get some answers at the therapy appointment - I'll be thinking of you. Happy Pinning....your newest pinterest follower.


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