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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our days...

have been looking like this...

an early morning sunrise

walks through the neighborhood
autumn walk

with pit stops on the hillside
pit stop-0208

fall colors that once were

quiet coloring
she's a lefty...

and posing for the camera

we've also been...

~baking lots of desserts containing apples~
~finishing up and starting new knitting projects~
~enjoying our local library~
~trying new dinner recipes, most of which only I liked~
~anticipating the move into our new house (one week left!)~
~spending our days in sweatpants and t-shirts~
~brainstorming ideas for the new house~
~playing 'picnic' and 'zoo' with the girls~
~carving pumpkins (Ginger is afraid of the finished product)~
~gearing up for Halloween and Scott's 32nd birthday~

Hope you're all enjoying these last few weeks of fall.

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  1. That first photo, the sunrise one, is SO beautiful. It captures the glow of the rising sun so perfectly, through the glass...sigh...I could look at it all day!


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