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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tippity tapping and a bit willy-nilly

It's Saturday night, the girls are sleeping, the T.V. doesn't come in, and I don't feel much like knitting that adorable dress for Maria that was supposed to be finished by now.  Instead I'm tippity tapping away at my keyboard much like Dottie Angel likes to do. :)  Gosh I love her.

We're leaving tomorrow for a getaway to a resort near Pleasant Lake.  We came across a deal that was to good to pass up, and we'll be spending the next few days swimming in lakes, exploring new places, sleeping in real beds, and having the luxury of making a mess and not necessarily having to clean it up... although I probably will because I'm just like that.  The bags have yet to be packed and shopping lists are still to be made, but I have a feeling this is going to be a great mini vacation.

So since I won't be around this here space for awhile, I thought I'd share some willy-nilly pictures and a little story telling with you that I think are relevant to our everyday lives.

Lately I've been observing Maria and Ginger wrapped up in this playful scene...


Maria looks bound and determined to fasten that barrette into Ginger's hair, while Ginger appears to be oblivious to what is actually going on with her head!  I should've informed Maria that all good hair stylists let their clients see the final result.  It was a cute and funny scene until I cleaned their room later that day and found roughly 20 scattered barrettes all clutching onto broken strands of Ginger's silky, blonde hair.  Perhaps I need to teach Maria a lesson on barrette removal. :)

Earlier this week we went to a park in Scottsdale where we walked and talked around the lake.  Afterwards, we stopped at a vintage car dealership that we have passed by during previous outings.  This Chevy Nova was practically screaming my name...

chevy nova-0045

Parked right out front for all to see, was this pristine 4 door wagon in perfect retro colors.  The interior appeared to be in mint condition with an odometer that read over 300,000 miles!  Not knowing much about cars, I'm going to assume they replaced the motor which would resolve this high mile issue.  It was by far the coolest one in the lot and I suggested to Scott that it would make the perfect addition to our little family.  Unfortunately, Scott's far too smart to fall for my crafty ways.

On Wednesday, it rained!!


And it smelled so friggin' good outside!  The only other time we've experienced rain while in Arizona, was on a trip to Tucson... and it was only about a 5 minute shower.  On Wednesday, it sprinkled off and on all day until we got in the truck to go enjoy a Chinese buffet.  It started to pour!!  We couldn't believe our eyes.  And the scent... ooooooh, the scent was like heaven.  I have come to appreciate many things while being on the road that I used to take for granted... rain, lilacs, pussy willows, and green grass just to name a few.  I can only imagine how African farmers feel when the rains finally do come, much like in this wonderful book.

Last Friday we went to a movie in the park... Aladdin was the feature film.  The blow up screen was supposedly one of the largest screens in Arizona, but it did not compare to the huge screen we would watch while enjoying a summer movie at Lief Erickson Park.  Ginger got tired quickly and began wandering around and falling into the people next to us.  That was our cue that it was time to go.  Maria was quite sad about leaving and cried for much of the way home.  We explained to her that we would find the movie the next day and rent it, which we did.


A few weeks ago I had a craving for real donuts... from a real bakery.  We headed into downtown Phoenix to Rainbow Donuts.  A small little place where the raised glazed literally melted in my mouth. 

rainbow donuts2-59800016

The girls equally divided one plain cake donut and one that was slathered in white frosting and brightly colored sprinkles.  Ginger engulfed her halves before I could blink and the other one ate just the frosting.  I should've known.  The rest of that day escapes me.

rainbow donuts1-59800017

And as soon as my camera was back in my hands after being repaired, I took a picture of this...

to me... it's perfect

My homage to knitting and coffee (or tea depending on my mood) and it's there for life.  I couldn't possibly be more pleased with the way it turned out.

I had every intention of finishing this blog post last night while enjoying the warm night with Scott out on our 'patio'.  But conversations of child birth, traveling, and Duluth kept me from tippity tapping away.  We're leaving in just a few hours and the bags still need to be packed and I still need to drink my two cups of coffee while I slowly, but surely, wake up.

I hope everyone has a great start to their week.  If you need to find me, I'll most likely be sweating to death at the lake while watching my children frolic in the cold water.  You see, I'm not the type that finds joy in getting wet, but I just might not have no other choice.


  1. oh my. this is exactly the kind of station wagon i want. this is what i fantasize about (sad, but true)...and the color is PERFECT. wow, i'm in love. and the tattoo? love it.

  2. lots going on~
    listen...gitchi-gami is calling you home~

  3. Loved this post so much Barb! It is so fun to get a peek into your daily life and travels. The photo of Maria putting all the barrettes in Ginger's hair is so darling. I remember doing the same things to my younger sisters. I am sure I needed a barrette removal lesson too.:)
    Have a good time on your mini vacation.

    PS~I don't like to get wet either.


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