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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our mini vacation to Lake Pleasant

Our three day stay at the Cibola Vista Resort near Lake Pleasant was exactly what we needed to unwind and de-stress.  The resort was more than we were expecting with two swimming pools (including a water slide, lanes to swim laps, and a vortex pool), and a fitness room (which we did not use).  The room were nice with each having a washer and dryer, dishwasher, and a garbage disposal.  Although our room had no windows in the living/kitchen area and no balcony, we tried to look at the positive and attempted to forget that we were staying in a dark enclosed space.  It was just nice to get away and not worry about anything.

The resort wasn't actually on Lake Pleasant, but was actually only a few miles away.  Considering that we heard it wasn't so great for swimming, we decided to use the pool at the resort instead... and the kids LOVED it.

lake pleasant

As usual in Arizona, there were clear blue skies...

palo verde in bloom

and golden sunsets.

fuzz balls

Across from the resort was a horse corral that offered horseback riding tours.  I had told Scott that one thing I wanted to do while in Arizona was to go riding on one of the many beautiful trails.  Well, this was most likely my only opportunity to do so and I was too lazy to make a reservation.  But Maria, who is obsessed with ponies (God forbid that you call them horses) got to ride the sweetest of them all... and it was just her size too.

nevermind the horses backside... look at maria's adorable expression :)

Ginger, on the other hand, was far to chicken to go for a ride around the corral, but did not show fear when approached by the gentle giant.

ginger and horse-0207

ginger petting-0190

horse face-0189

We proceeded to walk around the grounds where they had a pretend mining town (set up for tourists I'm sure).  By this time Ginger was so tired and getting clumsier by the second.  She had fallen so many times in that horse/hay/poop-like dirt that she needed a second bath upon our return to our room.  Poor girl.

scott and girls-0197


We spent our nights watching cable t.v., doing laundry for free, and eating homemade peach cobbler out of the pan.  I continued to knit Maria's dress here and there when I felt like it.  We barbecued for lunch and dinner, and the girls got to enjoy juice boxes... something we buy for special occasions.

I was also able to capture Ginger's lovable stink eye. It's something we catch her doing once in awhile and we think it's pretty funny.  I'm so happy to have finally caught it on camera... twice!!

stink eye-0218


One of the most delightful things about our mini-vacation was finding this bird's nest with four fluffy baby birds inside.

i found baby birds

I have this thing for collecting old, empty nests and rarely ever do I find one full.  I heard baby birds chirping on our way to the elevator, so I quickly glanced around and I spotted it about forty feet away. On top of a tall entrance pillar sat this adorable nest.  I vowed to take a picture the next day before we checked out of our room.  When I arrived at the elevator, it wasn't there!  How could this be?  What kind of cruel people run this resort?  Who messes with mother nature like this?  All these thoughts were running through my head and I was determined to talk to management about the situation.  I went and found Scott and told him the news.  Of course he didn't believe me and figured I was at the wrong elevator... which I was.  Ooops.  Thank goodness I went to him first before discussing the matter with management. I can be a total hot-head sometimes. :)

In conclusion, it was wonderful to get away, sprawl out, and see some new things.  Our next big adventure is a trip to San Diego the first week of June.  Believe me, Maria is already in complete Shamu mode.


  1. those horse, sorry, pony pictures are the best. You take great photos!

  2. What a beautiful getaway. It sounds and looks like you guys had a wonderful and relaxing time. Just look at those gorgeous blue skies. I haven't seen a clear blue sky in a while. It poured rain like nothing else depressing. Live Ginger's stink eye face, too cute!

  3. Hi Barbara,
    I'm clicking in from CBC. Your post touched me in so many ways. My husband and I have had numerous discussions about packing up this secure box we live in and trading it in for the unknown. We are happy where we are once again but reading about your adventures turns my head toward taking the risk again. I'd love to head to Portland, my husband wants to move to Salt Lake.

    Anyway, I happen to live in Tucson, just down the road from where you are. If you're looking for some kids for your girls to play with or are in the mood for some knitting in the AC let me know. Are doors are open to you.

    Best of luck on your travels. I'll be stopping by again.


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