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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Maria's special day

I have been having the worst time trying to log in to my Blogger account.  Not sure if my Internet connection is bad or if it has something to do with Blogger, but I'll have you know, I intended to post this sooner than today.  Now I'm behind on everything I want to talk about, so don't be surprised if you see another post later on today.

Anyways, Happy Easter to you all! Scott has to work today so the girls and I will just be hanging out at home with no special plans for dinner, but most likely a trip to Target later on today.

I wanted to fill you in on some of the highlights from Maria's birthday.  Plans had changed the night before and we decided to open gifts and have our first scoop of Gelato on her birthday and then celebrate with dinner and cake the day after when Scott could be here.  It worked out swimmingly and everyone was happy.


The Gelato came from a cute little shop real close to the campground called Angel Sweet... and sweet it was!  


Maria predictably chose strawberry and Ginger and I shared a scoop of lemon and a scoop of strawberry.  It was so bright, sweet, and flavorful and I would definitely choose this over ice cream any day.



Maria enjoyed opening her gifts that morning from all of her relatives and both of them were gifted with these cute outfits from Scott's mother.  Maria also received "The Little Mermaid" from her aunt and I swear she hasn't stopped watching it since.





The following day Maria woke up to find a brand new princess bicycle sitting outside the trailer!  Reluctant at first, I believe she will catch on soon enough and we'll find her cruising along beside her father.  We had freshly baked cinnamon rolls for breakfast and a picnic lunch in a park that we hadn't been to.  There were ducks and bridges, a playground, and a small amusement park for kids.  Maria saw the carousel and immediately wanted to hop on.



We made silly faces while getting our picture taken in the photo booth (something I'll share at a later time) followed by a trip to the Dairy Queen for a strawberry sundae.

Her birthday dinner was a hit!  She decided the menu and both girls devoured every bit of what was on their plates.  Afterwards it was triple chocolate cake with caramel, cool whip, and of course a cherry (or two) on top.



I do believe I remember her saying it was the best meal ever.  Hats off to the cooks I suppose :)

It was a full day, but a good one nonetheless.

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  1. frozen treats are the secret to smiling faces:)


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