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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


These past few weeks Maria has been waking up at the buttcrack of dawn, which then leads to Ginger getting up as well.  This has been a bittersweet change for me.  While I would love for them to sleep in till at least 7:00, this early rising has blessed me with all sorts of changes around this here trailer.  I am graced each morning with the sun rising over the neighbors bushes, I get an earlier start on my day, and the girls both end up napping by 10:30, which gives me time to sit outside before the sun gets too hot and enjoy some quiet knitting.  

The girls also get more time to play, color, swim, explore, and of course fight like all sisters do.  It also gives them more time to drive me nuts, but I'm trying to forget that part :)

Tomorrow is a special little 3 year old's 4th birthday.  We've been a bit perplexed about how to celebrate considering Scott works all day and won't be here to enjoy the festivities.  Instead, and perhaps this is the wrong approach, we're pretending it's on Thursday.  Maria won't know the difference, but there is that bit of quilt that's eating away at me.


We're planning to spend Thursday doing things that she enjoys... naturally, right?  A trip to the park and maybe the zoo.  An afternoon swim and a dinner feast, requested by her, of barbeque'd chicken, mashed potatoes, and asparagus.  Oh, and don't forget the chocolate cake with cool whip, caramel sauce, and a cherry on top.


We can't believe she'll be four!  She's becoming her own little person pushing her limits and developing her own interests and attitude.  I am beginning to realize that there are some things I can no longer control and I'm finding the need to let go and let her embrace her 'Maria-ness'.  I can't even begin to fathom that this girl would start school next year!


I had high hopes and perhaps too high of expectations to finish knitting a dress for her by her birthday.  With all that goes on around here, I found that the only time I could knit (and count stitches) was after they were in bed.  By that time I'm always too tired (from waking up at the buttcrack of dawn) and can only do four rows before I go cross eyed.


However, I am happy to say that it's about 50% finished and I will continue trudging along row by row, stitch by stitch until it's completed.  After all, it WILL be the cutest garment she owns. :)

I'll be back later this week with MORE exciting news.


  1. who's b'day is it anyway?:)

  2. That is a super cute dress color! News, hmmm.

    I'm interested in the birthday switching idea, too. It brings up so many interesting sides ~ and no, she won't know the difference! It sounds like she'll have a great day being celebrated for being herself, for reaching 4 years of life and experience ~ and that kind of achievement doesn't limit itself to a specific day or hour. :)

  3. Hi Barb,
    I just found your blog and so happy that you are following your dream...we did this once we retired 6 years ago...with a 5th wheel and a truck..we kept our home here in Kelowna, BC....but travelled for 6 months...where the wind or whim took we have a home just north of Tucson in Queen Creek...and we still travel..including Tubac. What a wonderful adventure this will be and your blog will be a wonderful memory board for your girls! ..apparently there is a place where you can put your blog into a book....I have added myself as a follower and I will look for you and see where your travels take you...Happy Easter to you and yours!
    Dagmar what you are knitting! :)


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