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Saturday, February 19, 2011

When life gives me lemons....

I whip up a batch of lemon curd!

Having never made (or tasted) this delightful spread, I was rather inquisitive to the whole process of making my own.  With our recently acquired heap of freshly picked lemons, I quickly got online in search of a recipe.  While the kids napped, I got to work.

Five lemons zested and juiced...


the addition of one cup sugar...


and what seemed like never ending whisking and a stick of butter later...


it was finally ready to be jarred.  The IKEA jar I purchased fit every last spoonful with no room to spare.  It was perfect!


I put it in the fridge to chill overnight, which allowed it to coagulate even further.  That next morning, I took my first bite of heaven.


A friend told me to use it anywhere in place of jam or jelly.  So, I sliced up some crusty bread, toasted it, and spread on a nice even layer.


I quickly realized I needed, and wanted, more!  Another spoonful on top did the trick.


Before I knew it, my toast was almost gone and I hadn't even taken a sip of my tea!


I DEVOURED it! and cleaned up the drippings with my last bite of bread.  I was tempted to lick the plate too, but didn't knowing I had a whole jar of this bright, citrusy goodness that kept for 2 weeks.


If any of you are curious about making your own lemon curd and happen to come across a plethora of lemons, I used this recipe +1 lemon since they were on the small side.  Also, because the mixture wasn't thickening quick enough on the stove, I added the butter sooner and cooked it a bit longer.  It seemed to do the trick.

I really hope you give this tasty treat a try... it's a great way to add sunshine to these long winter months.


  1. i will surely try this. sounds delish!

  2. Downloaded. Printed. Ready to make. I LOVE lemons and have never tried lemon curd. You have inspired me! Now....I just have to find some lovely morning light like in your pics to sit and enjoy it once I've made it! Thanks!

  3. Okay, now that looks soooo good! My mom makes a mean lemon curd, but I have never tried. Yummo!


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