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Sunday, February 13, 2011


lemons from the tree

~there's barely been a cloud in the sky~
~took part in a Saturday night bonfire~
~loving the abundance of freshly picked lemons~
~received my much needed facial~
~feeling like a kid again... sidewalk chalk is the answer~
~enjoyed a full day of shopping with a fun,new friend~
~loving the giving and receiving of Valentine's~
~finished yet another knitting project... casting on again today~
~dealing with baby tantrums... ugh!~
~getting more & more anxious to travel south... no job yet~
~planning a trip to Alcatraz~
~made our very first batch of Rice Krispy bars~
~used up the last of the Polaroid film... boo!~
~had lots of discussions on where we'll spend our summer~

have a wonderful Sunday... I think the market is calling our name ;)


  1. We had those same bowls growing up - reminds me of dinner as a kid. Happy Valentines Day.

  2. I just read Keli's recommendation about your exciting blog and I scooted right over to visit. What gorgeous children. And what a great list. I can tell there is a spirit of thankfulness here and that is overwhelmingly beautiful!

  3. now that i talked about ya, i guess i should start posting comments more often, eh? love you and your awesome family. XO

  4. What fun it is to visit your wonderful blog and journey! love it!


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