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Monday, November 15, 2010

Our eventful Sunday afternoon

After returning from our Lake Tahoe adventure, Ginger unfortunately came down with illness.  We weren't sure what exactly, but she's had a fever for the last few days and a bit of a stuffy nose.  One thing is for sure, she hasn't been herself.

Sunday morning she woke up with no fever and was be-boppin' around here as if she felt like a million bucks, so we decided to venture out for the Sunday farmer's market and the monthly antique fair.

Our first stop was the market.  Bustling with people hoping to bring home the freshest produce and the freshest meats, we dove right in coming home with armfuls of bountiful goodness.  Squash, beets, apples, pluots, grapes, cherry tomatoes, and many more including persimmons.  I was a bit skeptical having never tasted them before, but after trying a sample I quickly realized they were delicious! Crisp like an apple, but with a depth and sweetness much like a mango.

It was a large market with many vendors to choose from.  Fresh fish at great prices, free range chicken, mountains of fruits and vegetables, and different varieties of plants, including our favorite... sedum.


The prices were the best part.  Less expensive than shopping at your local grocery store and walking away knowing where everything came from leaves you peace of mind.  We ended up coming home with much more than we could carry and only spent $17.


We would've liked to have picked up some fresh salmon for last night's dinner, but since we were heading to the antique fair afterwards, we decided to save that for next week.

Flea markets and antique fairs were something I was looking forward to experiencing once we moved out west.  Duluth, as far as I know, has never had a flea market and I believe the closest one was over an hour away. Antiquing has always been something I enjoy and to get the chance to go to Sac's monthly antique fair was such a treat.

Browsing through all the treasures and daydreaming about where I'd put this and that was a lot of fun.  Too bad we don't have more room in the trailer.  Even Scott enjoyed himself!

There were lots of old bottles...



there were beautiful displays with old crates, tables, and chairs.  There were filing cabinets, an amazing metal card catalog, chests and trunks, and the coolest large set of school gym lockers.

Mason jars full of buttons and bells...


and one booth in particular that specialized in vintage buttons.  It was total eye candy!


...vintage dolls and doll houses, rocking horses, and many trucks, tractors, and airplanes.




and silverware with beautiful patina



It was a jolly good time and we came home with 2 pairs of used saltwater sandals for the girls, and a lovely set of milk glass salt and pepper shakers with red and green sailboats on the front.  Cute!

By the end of the long afternoon, the girls were tuckered out and we were ready to go home and cook up some of our fresh veggies for supper.


Unfortunately, Ginger's fever came back and more recuperation was in order.  I do hope she gets better soon and that nobody else contracts this icky bug.

I'm still trying to convince Maria to let me video tape her doing her new "talent".  It's quite cute and I just may have to bribe her with candy. :)

More soon!


  1. Reminds me of the stuff you had in your Duluth house...
    please pass the persimmons!

  2. What a wonderful day at the market and antique fair! Looks like you had a wonderful day and I really hope Ginger feels better soon!


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