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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Old Town, downtown, and everywhere in between

There tends to be a trend here where everyone calls Sacramento "Sac".  Upon hearing this popular nickname, Scott and I laughed.  What do YOU think of when YOU hear the word?!  My point exactly.  Anyways, we've have since come accustomed to it and been using the abbreviation... of course with smiles on our faces.

We decided to load up the kids in the Burley, hop on our bikes, and ride the 4 or 5 miles into downtown "Sac". :) We intended on grabbing a cup of coffee once we got there and turning right back around.  I decided to have tea... hibiscus-lemongrass to be exact.  It was delish, but could've used a bit of honey to balance the tartness of the lemon.  It came with my own teapot and strainer too, which made it that much more enjoyable.

break for tea

We've also taken note that many areas of "Sac" are a wee bit "ghetto".  Okay, a lot ghetto.  Mind you, there are pockets of neighborhoods here and there with cute stucco houses and nice landscaping, but overall.... it's ghetto.  Perhaps this is what most capitol cities are like, I wouldn't know.  But, if you're planning on moving here, you're best off living in one of the many suburbs like Roseville which also has a great shopping area.

"Sac" does have it's perks though.  Old Town is full of history with cobblestone roads and old buildings filled with shops and cafes.  You can also walk along the path next to the river and soak in all the cool boats.

old town

We have yet to eat out anywhere.  However, my friend and I ate at Tapa The World last week and thought it was pretty good. There's a lot of great sounding restaurants that we can't wait to try once Scott starts working again.  The Tower Cafe is supposed to have the best french toast... I guess I'll be the judge of that.  We might even go to a REAL sushi bar!  We had a few back home, but I'm sure the fish is much fresher being this close to the ocean.  I don't even know if I like sushi!

I'm getting to know my way around town a bit better too.  I got my first haircut today and I didn't get lost!

Scott passed his ACLS test and did the last phase of his physical today.  We'll be heading out for Lake Tahoe tomorrow morning to see some friends.  It'll be kind of nice to stay at a hotel with a real bed and spend some time in the pool and hot tub.  I know the kids will really enjoy it too.

Speaking of kids... I want to share some pictures of the girls.  Well, mostly Ginger.  The weather has been pretty warm here and because she has a tendancy to overheat like her father, I decided to style her hair in pig tails for the first time. She has so much more hair at this age than Maria did and seeing her with them made me giggle.  She's also taken a liking to playing with my phone.  She's figured out how to pull out the keypad and she pushes the buttons as if she's text messaging her grandma.  So cute!

the conversation

piggy tails


Maria has also surprised us with something she's learned as well. I'm planning on catching it on video for you all to see.  You'll be just as shocked as we were :)

**I just want to say thanks to all of you out there that have been reading and commenting here as well as on facebook.  It's great to read all your feedback and warm wishes**


  1. We lived in Fresno - just down the road- for 2 years while my husband did his masters , SERIOUS ghetto!

  2. ginger looks soo cute with her hair like that! shes getting so big!

  3. Check out Nevada City!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's about 1.5 hours Northeast of Sac. If you drive outside of Nevada City, you can explore the Yuba River which is pure magic!!! You may need to ask a local how to get there. I am considering moving there in a couple of years.

    I am enjoying reading about your adventures!!

  4. I love seeing pics of the girls and also Scott and you (let Scott hold the camera sometime so we can see you).

  5. Christmas at Nevada City is a must Barb. So wonderful! We lived in Roseville for 4 years from 99 to 02. It was the best place I've lived since being married. Such a family oriented lifestyle and so close to the foothills! Also, close to the city which does have it's charm :) Have you made it to the train museum? It's amazing! They do a Polar Express/Santa thing at Christmas which is awesome. So glad to hear about the progress toward employment. Things are moving along! I love the high key shots of the girls....adorable pigtails!

  6. too cute...have you seen michael savage?

  7. awesome polaroid, barbara!!

    the pics of the girls are simply beautiful (as are they) :)

  8. yep, Sac-town. Old town is pretty cool, and I have heard amazing things about the sushi bar there.
    Def. check out Nevada City/Grass Valley for a taste of sweet old minning towns and if you are into wine tasting head over to Placerville and into Eldorado County for fun and very mellow tasting rooms.

  9. I love Ginger's pony tails! We can not wait to see you guys soon!- Jen


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