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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Keeping the girls occupied

I'm sure many of you mothers out there now how hectic the day can get around dinner time.  The kids are hungry, you're hungry, the hubbs is coming home... most likely hungry, everyone is tired, the kids are whining, and you are anxiously awaiting bedtime.

This is my least favorite part of the day, and it has become 10 times worse being in such a confined space.  The other night upon our return from the antique fair, I put in Alice In Wonderland to keep the girls occupied and out of my hair while I made dinner.


Normally Ginger doesn't sit still long enough to watch more than a few minutes of a movie, but since she was feverish, zoning out on a movie seemed to be just what she needed.


Maria likes movies and would watch them all day if I let her...


so normally we save them for emergencies... like dinner time.


I loved that they were willing to share the chair and sit there like such big girls.  No pushing, shoving, whining, or crying.


But by the time dinner was ready, Ginger was ready for bed.  Poor thing.  I hate when the kids aren't feeling well.


Ginger's fever has broken and she slept away the majority of yesterday afternoon.  Today she seemed to be acting more like herself, so I was making plans to take the girls to the mall after lunch.  That is until I discovered a spreading rash on her belly and neck.  Perhaps it's the end of the virus and nothing too serious.

I guess one more day inside won't be so bad. 

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  1. oh goodness, why have i not checked your blog before? this is soooo fun. i mean, not the fever and fighting and sucky stuff. and i have already lost my temper about 10 times today... and it is christmas eve... and i have 3 bedrooms. but what an amazing experience for you and your family! can't wait to follow you on your journey! xoxo


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