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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The renovation... day one

The day we brought the Airstream home, we went inside and felt completely overwhelmed.  What did we get ourselves into!!  It needed so much work, cosmetically.  This thing was so filthy from two years of not being used as well as the previous owners not knowing how to pick up a sponge & cleaner.  Not to mention they were smokers... something I was apprehensive about when we found it online.  Smoke smell is so hard to get rid of and everything had a gross texture to it, most likely from cigarette tar.

But, feeling ambitious as hell, we went to it.  My job was to go in and take the before pictures.  

Obviously, this is the kitchen


This is our eating area, something that was important for us to have and wasn't easy to find.  With the girls taking the bedroom and us sleeping on the pull out couch, a dinette was a must for Scott's early morning work schedule.

The living area as well as our bedroom :) See all the rugs?  The owner's wanted to keep the carpets clean.  HA!!

Some filth :(

Sliding bathroom door and also the hallway to the bedroom.  There's actually a nice sized closet on the opposite side with mirrors on the doors.

Bathroom wall with peeling wallpaper.  There's a shower with a bench seat as well as a place to give the kids their bath.

The bedroom.  We will be converting the queen bed into two twins with a nightstand in the middle.

More filth.  This is seriously how the whole trailer looks.

As you can see everything has yellowed, I suppose due to lack of cleaning as well as cigarette smoke.  Everything needs to either be cleaned, replaced, or recovered.


So that concludes the before pictures.  Day 2 and 3 were quite productive and I'll be posting again soon with some more pictures.  You're not gonna believe it!!


  1. what did u end up using to clean it?!

  2. we haven't cleaned it yet... Brenna's coming to babysit on Friday so we can hopefully get it all or most of it clean. the deconstruction is just about done though.

  3. Omigosh!!! I can't wait to read more about your adventures. Total coolness!!

  4. This reminds me of the house Dad lives in. When he and Mom bought it a lady had lived there for 60 years and she was a chain smoker for the majority of those years. We cleaned and painted and ripped out stuff until it was finally fresh and good as new! Truly amazing how destructive smoking can be both inside the body and out!
    I can almost feel the excitement jumping off the screen Barb!!!! Can't wait to see the next installment!


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