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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

You're gonna do what!!!!

So, as some of you may already know, we had plans of selling our house and making the big move out west to Portland, Oregon sometime this fall. Well, lets just say that we've been derailed... just a bit.

One afternoon while discussing pipe dreams with Scott, I had the crazy idea that we should fulfill a fantasy of mine and live in an Airstream trailer. To tell you the truth, Scott wasn't so keen on the idea. How the heck could we possibly do that especially with two small kids. Well, it's actually quite simple. We would find a trailer large enough for a family of four, renovate it to suit our needs and sense of style, sell our house, pack up the kids, and drive to our first destination for Scott's first day on the job as a traveling nurse. BRILLIANT I tell you!!

Scott soon came full circle (with no coaxing) about the idea and we immediately started looking online for our "silver bullet". Finding one with the layout we wanted, that was also relatively close to where we live wasn't easy. Most were located in California, Texas, or Florida. We ended up traveling to Madison, Wisconsin for our 1990 34 ft. beauty and have since started the renovation process. We're changing this "old folks" trailer into a bright and modern aluminum dream. It's going to be perfect, but we definitely have our work cut out for us.

the rear

We have decided to start this blog to document the renovation process as well as our travels over the next year. Hope some of you follow along to see where this little journey takes us.

the silver bullet... in color


  1. Yeah, how exciting for you guys!!!

  2. BARB!!! You are nuts, but I love you!! You will have quite the adventure I am sure! Can't wait to read all about your travels.

  3. Let's see the inside before the renovations!

  4. Can I say that I am a bit envious? Adventure....a true adventure! How exciting is that? I can't wait to see it all unfold. Thanks for letting us have a peek into this new journey Barb!!!! A big "woot" for your Airstream Adventure! I bet the kids are sooooo excited!

  5. Have you seen or heard of Dartmouth's Green Bus. They converted a bus and travel around the United States. They used recycled glass for countertops (IceStone), installed solar panels and bamboo floors and run on used vegetable oil from restaurants along the way. I have no idea what all this costs but thought I would throw it out there as another dimension for your renovation and adventure.


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