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Friday, August 6, 2010

Renovation... day 2

Scott has been working VERY hard in the sweltering heat to get this trailer ready for cleaning.  As you can see we've pretty much taken out everything... the cupboard doors, the carpet, the couch, drapes, bed, and dinette.

If we had decided to keep the carpet (which was in NO WAY going to happen) we wouldn't have seen the soft spot in the floor under the dinette.  Not sure exactly where the water was coming from, but we have a few ideas.  We took out the rotting wood and replaced it.  This problem set Scott back a whole afternoon.

He took out the queen bed and realized there was a trunk, which put a bit of a kink in our original plan for building two twin beds.   We'll just have to work around it.  

Another soft spot in the floor in the bedroom.  Not as bad as the one in the kitchen, but something that still needed repairing. 

After much thought we've decided to replace the kitchen counter top as well as all the couch and dinette cushions.  Since everything in this trailer will be either new or freshly painted, having an old white counter top just wouldn't look right.  And the cushions... well, they stunk to high heaven.

We've started sanding all the cupboard doors and took a trip to our favorite home improvement store (Menards) to purchase new drawer pulls, hinges, and laminate wood flooring.

My 16 year old cousin is coming to watch the kids today while Scott and I work to get this baby clean.  Lets hope it's a progressive day.

Wish us luck!!


  1. Sending lots of good thoughts your way! No more surprises...right? Hope the day proves to be very productive Barb!

  2. oh what a mess/headache .good luck

  3. You guys rock! Can't wait to see the final product. :)


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