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Monday, August 16, 2010

cleaning, sanding, and priming

the cleaning is completed and i'm happy to say that that trailer of ours is starting to take shape.

with the help of my cousin babysitting, we were able to get the majority of the cleaning done in one day.  below is a side by side picture of clean vs. not clean.  yuck!!

we used 'citra-solv' and a green scrubby for most of the cleaning but washing the vinyl was a different story.  since around 1965, the airstream company started using vinyl on the walls but the glue they used reacted and made the walls sticky and discolored.  we've read in the airstream forums about several ways to clean this mess.  we resorted to a product called 'super clean' and used it in 50/50 strength.  it worked like a dream and you could see the dirt and grime bead up only to be wiped away with a rag.  no stickiness and no stains.  here's to hoping it doesn't come back.

we've also sanded the entire inside of the trailer as well as all the cupboard doors.

this is scott hard at work :)


last night we started priming with 'kilz' odorless oil-based primer.  it really IS odorless and we didn't feel woozy at the end of the night from all the fumes.  well worth the extra $5.

Chryssa, the drapery lady, came by last thursday to measure the windows for curtains.  we have yet to hear back from her with an estimate and i STILL need to find fabric!!  looks like a trip to the fabric warehouse in minneapolis is in order. :)

we also got an offer on the house and we're in the negotiation process!  keep your fingers crossed!


  1. I love this blog - I feel like I am right there. Thanks. MOM

  2. That looks so great Barb! You guys have done soo much work!! It's amazing how it's all coming along! have an offer on your house!! Woot! That must make it all seem pretty dang real.

  3. so cool! i can't wait to see the finished product. :):)


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