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Friday, February 3, 2012

Well, we're back from our trip to Minneapolis and let me tell ya... we had a REAL good time.  It was wonderful to get away for a night without the kids and do some long overdue 'kid free' shopping.

We went to Hunt & Gather and we were both completely BLOWN AWAY but what that store had to offer.  It is by far the best place I've ever laid eyes on and I plan to stop in every time I'm in the area.  There were so many unique and one of a kind items.  We found the BEST piece for our mantle, a school map for our wall, and a few other items that I'm not going to show you until the time is right. :)  I'm already itchin' to get down there again.

The following day we took a trip to IKEA.  Knowing that it's possible to waste a whole day there, we got there as it opened and headed into the showroom to take it all in.  As we approached the kitchen area, we began to daydream about our own kitchen remodel. One thing led to another and a few minutes turned into a couple hours!  We ended up building a kitchen island with doors that were 75% percent off.  It was a deal we couldn't pass up and an island was definitely something we needed and wanted.  We picked out an oak butcher block top with enough overhang for a breakfast bar.

We got our cabinets for the playroom as well as a butcher block counter top for a 'semi' floating sewing station.  The cabinets are already installed and partially filled and I love how perfectly they fit into the space.  I'll show pictures as soon as the room in completed... soon!

I still can't believe we spent over EIGHT hours in that place!  By the end, our think process was clouded and we couldn't wait to get out of there.

While we were away I received a call from the upholsterer that our couch was finished.  The call was two months overdue (he took forever!) but we're extremely happy with the finished result.

This is a picture of the couch before it was done.  I had been on a witch hunt to find a Danish Modern style sofa and was lucky when I found this one for free at a garage sale.  I actually didn't mind the color, but the owner's cats had gotten to it and ruined the from panels.  Scott wasn't too happy about refurbishing an old couch when we could buy a new one for practically the same price. 

In the end though, I think he was happy with the result... I know I am!


The fabric I chose is commercial grade which is pretty heavy duty and should last another 40 years at least.  The overall color is light gray with bits of gold and green.  It's perfect!


This past weekend has completely motivated me to get things finished around here.  I'm looking forward to painting the entire downstairs and replacing the carpet.  Just those two things are going to make all the difference and make it feel like our home and not mom and dad's. :)

Today, I'm planning to finish painting the bedroom doors as well as painting a few pieces of furniture.  Scott's planning to take Maria on her second snowboarding trip to Spirit Mountain which makes for a fairly quiet afternoon for Ginger and I at home.  Hopefully I can get a lot done.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. LOTS of fun. sounds like you are really doing a wonderful job of making it your own with all that family history i'm sure that's a bit of a juggling act. a wonderful juggling act.

    and spirit mt. oh the many many days spent with cousins on spirit mountain. enjoy your time!! x

  2. that sofa turned out amazing!! and i bet you wouldn't have found exactly what you wanted for that price, so good deal! :)


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