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Friday, November 18, 2011

Nutella Pastry Pockets = yum!

I have been on a new recipe kick lately all because of Pinterest.  I never thought I'd enjoy that website as much as I do, but it's wonderful on so many levels.

I found this and realized that there was no recipe attached.  By looking at the pictures I was able to figure it out, and oh my goodness, these little pastries are divine.

I started by thawing out the puff pastry according to the package.  I rolled it out into a big rectangle and cut out 12 smaller rectangles.  I placed them on parchment paper and topped six of them with a spoonful of Nutella and a few marshmallow.


I then dabbed my finger in water and ran it around each edge to create a 'glue'.  I placed another rectangle on top pressing down all around and using a fork to make a more decorative edge.

I brushed on a bit of egg wash on each one and sprinkled a bit of sugar on the top.


I baked them at 400° for about 12 - 15 minutes and allowed them to cool slightly before taking my first bite.


I couldn't really taste the marshmallow, but just the Nutella alone was good. Perhaps next time I would substitute marshmallows for something else.  Any suggestions?

Be back soon with updates about our 2nd floor makeover.


  1. Maybe some sort of fruit in the middle with nutella? Either way sounds so good.

  2. I'm surprised you couldn't taste the marshmallows. Nutella is good on its on anyway. Check Giadas recipes, I'm sure she uses this recipe in some fashion.

  3. try small pieces of pear in the nutella, instead of the marshmallows. I guess it would be really tasty


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