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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our afternoon on "The Rock"

Last week we took our final trip to San Fransisco with one thing in mind... touring Alcatraz.  We booked our tickets early this time, and good thing we did because they sold out fast.  Touring "The Rock" was a phenomenal experience and we're so happy we were able to work it into our schedule before we leave California.  If you ever get the chance, please do go and see it for yourself... you won't be disappointed.

I'm sorry, but our pictures don't do it justice.


the first building we went into played a short movie about the history of this historic place.  Scott and girls watched the movie while I stepped out and took some pictures.




There were beautiful gardens that were tended by many of the inmates as well as the workers that lived there.  Were you aware that children were raised here?  I wasn't.


This is what greeted us upon entering the cell block... the shower room.  The hygiene table and shoes were behind bars so I couldn't get a closer look.  I love how they staged almost every room to make it feel real.





We also did the audio tour while in the cell block.  Please, if you ever come here, DO the audio tour.  It is full of information, stories, and special effects and you'll be left in the dark if you don't.

time square-0269


Several of the cells were staged to document the lives of some of the most notorious inmates.


The man in the middle is "the birdman"


and then there's Al Capone




We spent nearly three hours on the island taking in the sites and touring the grounds.



I took a lot of pictures, but didn't share them all.  Perhaps you'll see more in the future.


  1. I LOVE alcatraz! I bet I have a whole roll of film lying around somewhere of my very memorable visit there like eight or 9 years ago. And I totally agree, you MUST do the audio tour, sooooo worth it! This Island is a must see! So I'm glad you got to see it ;)

  2. great pictures barb!

  3. These images are amazing! They tell the story so well. I was lucky enough to tour Alcatraz as a young teenager, and will definitely be taking my little man someday. And you're SO right about the audio tour!

  4. OMG, Barb! These pictures are awesome! You did an incredible job documenting the trip! I hope I get out there to see it in real life one day! Did you see any ghosts???

  5. thanks maegan! it's definitely a must see... nope, no ghosts. :)

  6. you did a fantastic job of photo journaling...for some reason i've always loved prison movies...but hate prisons...what a godforsaken place.

  7. There are such haunting photos. You know, I've lived here in the Bay Area all my life and I have only been there twice in my 41 years. I guess that's enough, but seeing your pictures made me want to go back. Plus I like the boat ride. :)

  8. these pictures are so haunting. I've visited there twice in my life as I live in the Bay Area. I also love the boat ride over. :)

  9. I haven't been there yet, but I will do the audio tour when I do. :) Thanks.


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