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Monday, January 24, 2011

Our day at Dillon Beach

I just wanted to share some pictures of our afternoon spent at Dillon Beach.  I believe we were there last weekend and the weather couldn't have been more beautiful.  The drive was amazingly beautiful with farms and rolling hills.  We found lots of treasures and the girls had a great time playing in the sand.

I found my first sand dollar
sand dollar

and a crab burried in the sand. I think it was carrying an orange egg sack underneath it's body.


pure joy

the water was as cold as Lake Superior, but that didn't stop him from getting his feet wet


there were surfers too!


Great memories were made that day and I hope we're able to make to the Pacific one more time before we depart from California.

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. I love the joy on the girls' faces! So sweet! Great shot of the surfers and congrats on the sand dollar find! It's always a treat to find treasures at the beach!

  2. I love that sand dollar image..with the perfect simple blue background. Beautiful light with those surfers too! Last weekend was incredible weather, we hit the beach in SF and it was almost 70 degrees. I do hope you make it back to the coast before you leave california!


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