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Monday, January 17, 2011

Lacking in motivation


I am currently feeling a lack of inspiration, motivation, energy, and patience... my reasons for the absence from this space.  Not that we haven't been enjoying ourselves, but it takes a lot of time to post about our adventures and quite honestly, I haven't felt like it.

We're looking to hit the road again come the end of February, with the hopes of finding a job in Tuscon, Arizona to visit my parents who have recently become snowbirds. I will admit that with all the excitement and fun things we've been doing, I can't ignore the fact that I miss my family terribly. I would happily hop on the next plane back to Duluth to visit my sisters, nieces and nephews (one of whom is returning for good from the Navy today), aunts and uncles, and of course good friends.  I think the only thing keeping me from doing so are the frigid temperatures and lack of a vehicle.

To keep my mind off these homesick feelings, I've been enjoying more knitting, day trips to the Pacific with the family, trips to the mall, and watching the boob tube in the evening.

The girls are well, and so is Scott.  We're taking it one day at a time and looking forward to our next destination.

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  1. You are leaving Sacramento - so soon? You have taken the opportunity to see some wonderful sights so far - hopefully the weather will stay nice and hold off the rain for the remainder of your time here. I was talking with a friend in AZ (our last home state) and it's been in the 80's - some of the things I do miss.


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