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Friday, September 10, 2010

Renovation realities

Have you ever watched the show on HGTV called "Renovation Realities"?  It's where people take on their own home renovation projects, usually under a short time frame and with a small budget.  It's quite entertaining to watch them battle it out with their spouses and try to get their projects done without much of a clue as to what they're doing.

I feel like we should be on that show right about now.
Although things up to this point have been coming along fairly smooth with no big problems, this week we had our own "renovation reality".

This is the couch.  The couch that I picked out the cutest fabric for.  The couch that we bought new foam for.  The couch that we got upholstered by a 86 year old man.  The couch I was worried about being ruined by said 86 year old man.  The couch which wasn't cheap.  The couch we were supposed to sleep on.

It's mostly installed now except for the drawer that still needs foam and fabric.  

Isn't the fabric cute!!??  The pink and red plaid is perfect for the look I was going for in our new home.  So completely retro... so completely ME.  Scott likes it too :)

This adorable couch is on a frame that flips down into a bed... a pretty small bed.  When we got it reupholstered we didn't think to bring the frame with.  We picked up the finished product and it looked great, however when Scott went to assemble it we realized what had happened.  One of the cushions wasn't cut square and now every time the couch gets folded down, the frame rubs and squishes the foam.  With this problem, the fabric is sure to wear very quickly and having a large rip in our newly reupholstered couch is NOT something we had intended.

Our solution?  We're sleeping on the floor.  We considered getting it fixed but Scott seems to think it's too much work.  He also thinks the bed is too small for both of us anyways.  So, we'll be buying 3" foam to sleep on and stowing our "beds" under the blankets on Maria's bed.

C'est la vie :)

On a good note, the majority of the cupboard doors have been installed.  Yay!!

And the floor is done too!

Instead of replacing the light fixtures in the bathroom, we just decided to paint the brass finish with a silver metallic spray paint.  The end result isn't bad and I think we'll use the same paint on some of the recessed light fixtures and other odds & ends.

My dad is making us a small sideboard much like this one to put behind the dinette.  We originally intended on putting these chairs there, but plans change.  Now I have my heart set on one of these... or these to put close by.  Today we'll be ordering sheets and an entry door light fixture and the curtains should be arriving this afternoon.  I'd also like to order one of these pillows for the couch.


or maybe this one.  Not to mention that I need to find a shag rug!!

Still lots to do, but it's relieving to know that we're almost done.

More to come!!


  1. It already looks so cozy! I love the colours.
    Sorry about the bed disaster.

  2. Wow... the transformation has been unbelievable!! So excited for you guys!! :D

  3. Everything looks so good! I just love the fabric you chose for your sofa, so cute! I am sure you have already been asked this, but have you seen the Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz movie "The Long Trailer"? It's one of my faves. It's so cute and so funny.

    PS~Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday.:)

  4. You guys are doing such a great job Barb. What a cute place it is turning into! I love the couch fabric and think you've come up with a wonderful solution to the problem. I'm guessing that living in an airstream will go much more smoothly with the "can do " attitudes you both seem to have!


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