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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Another update

I just realized that many of you are in the dark about our house being sold... we close on September 30th which doesn't give us much time.  Luckily the Airstream is almost done!  There was a time when we thought we'd never say those words.

What seems like weeks upon weeks of painting, we can finally say we're done... mostly :)  

A few things were accidentally painted the wrong color or not painted at all, but the cupboards and walls are finished. We're really excited to get the new hardware on and install the doors, then it will really start looking like home.

All of the aluminum work is finished and it looks AMAZING!!  Oh!  and the couch!  It's done and that looks SO COOL!  The fabric I chose for it is really retro... and girly... but hey, Scott's out numbered :)  I was really nervous about the 86 year old man reupholstering it for us, but he did such an awesome job that we found another project for him.

these chairs!!

When gutting out the trailer, I told Scott to remove a floor cabinet behind the dinette.  Sacrificing the storage was worth it so we could have a comfy chair in it's place.  I picked these up at The Goodwill last week for $10 a piece.  I'm planning on sanding and painting the wood (not sure what color yet) and having Gerald reupholster them.  I'm sure it won't cost us more than $100 to get them done, not including fabric which is something I've been struggling with.  Do I stay with the same color scheme or mix it up a little bit with a pop of contrasting color?  Print or solid?  Decisions, decisions.

Scott also started putting in the floor today and will hopefully finish it tomorrow.  We picked out our counter top as well.  It's pale yellow Skatelite which is generally used in skate board parks.  However, Richlite which is the maker of Skatelite, also makes counter tops out of the same material.  We have a cutting board made from this sustainable product and we love it!!

The curtain fabric was picked up today and the final window measurements were taken.  We're expecting to hear from Chryssa in about a week with word that the curtains are done.

Until then, we'll get back to work with much more to show you really soon!


  1. yay! it's really coming along. :)

  2. Oh thanks for letting us know! That is exciting! One month to go!

  3. what an adventure you are about to start,Barb~

  4. I really sounds wonderific Barbara! I am soo jealous but what I am really wondering is how you find the time to do it all!! Wonderwoman... Can't wait to see the finished product.


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