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Friday, September 23, 2011

Winter is rearing it's ugly head... (non knitters beware)

and I have been feverishly knitting away trying to get hats and scarves made for my family before that first big snowstorm hits. I have compiled quite a list of things I'd like to knit for Christmas gifts, thank you gifts, new baby gifts, birthday gifts, and of course a thing or two for myself!

I suppose this knitting frenzy contributes to what's keeping me from this blog, as well as from my camera.  I really haven't picked the thing up other than to take pictures of the things I've made.  I suppose I've also been spending some time scouring estate sales and garage sales in search of furniture and winter clothing for our girls.

So, with the long winter just around the corner and the quick realization that the girls didn't have something warm for their wee heads, I immediately got to work.  I finished this adorable pixie hat for Ginger in about two days.  Such a quick knit and the result is absolutely adorable!  I added ties and pom poms to add to the vintage charm. :)

ginger's pixie cap

ginger's pixie cap

The Malabrigo yarn is INcredibly soft and it makes it hard to believe it's 100% wool.  I couldn't be more in love with the color either.  It's a perfect raspberry red and little Ginger will look so sweet this winter with some rosy red cheeks to match.

pom poms

I had also heard that my nephew was in need of a warm hat too... pronto!  There was a request for black yarn and luckily I had some stashed away.  I used this easy Rugby hat pattern and whipped this hat up in a day.  Unfortunately it was too short, but nothing I couldn't fix.  I added another inch or so to the top and reattached the pom pom (which by the way, totally makes the hat!). The picture below is of Maria modeling it for me before I fixed it.  See, it doesn't quite cover her ears.

tossle cap

Then, there's my mother.  While we were on the road traveling, she sent us so many crocheted things... a vest for Maria, a sweater for Ginger, a necklace and basket for myself.  I owed her in the worst way and was thrilled to knit her up this shawl that had been in my ravelry queue forever.  I loved the pattern and it knit up incredibly fast.  Do you see the butterflies??

for my ma

She's planning to wear it this winter while down in Tucson, AZ.  As far as I know, she loves it. :)

Before any knitting for my own family could be done though, I had a special request by a friend.  She needed some items made for Christmas gifts and I told her I'd help her out.

I made the honey cowl which, for me, was a pretty slow knit.  I think it took me a couple weeks to finish, but I really like the result.

for a friend

and I also made the Eternity Scarf.  LOVED this pattern so much!  It's fast and it keeps your interest throughout.  My friend liked it so much that she's keeping it for herself.

I am SO going to make myself one!

more knits

Sorry for all you non-knitters out there for this 'boring' post.  Honestly though, it felt incredibly good to share some things with you that didn't involve two adults and two children riding for hours and hours in a big, honkin' truck.

Speaking of which, we have one last leg of our trip to share with you all.  It will cover Maine, Vermont, and Niagara Falls, but I'm finding it hard to go through the pictures and type it all up.  It feels so good to be settled (partially) that reliving it all again makes me tired.  And I'm really NOT trying to sound like a party pooper. :)

We have so much other good news to share that I can hardly contain myself!  But, before I do, I need to get that last post out of the way so that we can move forward.

I'll try to be back sooner than later.


  1. so beautiful!! i absolutely LOVE those cowls. the colors, the patterns, the everything. so beautiful! if you ever want to sell those ... ahem.

  2. Beautiful things you knitted recently. Sweet Ginger is so cute with her new pixie hat.

  3. You have been busy making such beautiful knotty goods. All ready for fall. Not liking that big tease of news to come...hurry up and spill the beans.

  4. their 'wee heads' should be nice and toasty.


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