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Monday, August 22, 2011

Someone had a birthday last week

And that someone was Ginger who turned two last Tuesday.


Scott was working the night shift on Monday, so we made plans to have a lasagna dinner with a world famous 5 layer chocolate pie for dessert when he woke up.  The pie was from Betty's, which is a go-to restaurant for tourists here in Two Harbors, and deciding on a flavor was one of my hardest decisions ever.  The entire meal was enjoyed by all, including my dad who came by for dinner.

Afterwards, we drove just outside of town to one of my new favorite places, Flood Bay.  It's pretty much just a parking lot with access to Lake Superior, but the beach there is generally quiet, the waters are calm, and there's an abundance of agates and great skipping rocks.

Upon our arrival, some tourists were heading back to their car and one of them offered to take our picture.  I jumped on the opportunity considering it was Ginger's birthday and that we don't have many photos of us all together.  I thought it turned out kinda cute. :)


Ginger was having a gay 'ole time running back and forth throwing rocks and driftwood into the water.  I remember my mother taking me to the lake when I was little too and she now tells me stories about how she could sit there for hours watching me.  

I couldn't agree more.





But then the rain came.  The girls were joyfully prancing around enjoying the falling raindrops on their dry heads.  Before I knew it, everyone had disappeared back into the car, and I found myself all alone taking pictures.



I finally headed back to the car to see this sweet, two year old face looking at me through the car window.


Ginger received the knitted sweater that I made for her too.  The blue matches her eyes perfectly and the button is made from a rock I found on that same beach we went to that day.

blue bird kina

It's a bit too warm for her to wear now, but it won't be long before the long sleeves will come out of hibernation and she'll need that extra layer to keep her warm.


It was a day full of everything and nothing all in one.  No big parties and no fancy presents, but lots of memories to be shared for years to come.


  1. What a great family photo - could you all be any cuter. I love that you stayed out in the rain to capture those beautiful shots. How totally perfect that you made a special pebble button for her gorgeous sweater -

  2. love these so much, barb. happy birthday to your sweetie pie. :)

  3. that sweater is gorgeous and the stone button is very very cool! :) what a beautiful beach to be reminded of each time you use the button.


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