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Saturday, July 9, 2011

A fun-filled weekend... derailed

Our weekend was one to be filled with a parade, a street dance, a family BBQ, and a daiquiri party.  Little did we know that on Friday evening all our plans would change.  Our energetic Maria somehow contracted an icky stomach bug.


The only other time we've had to deal with this situation was when she was a baby, still sleeping in a crib.  Poor, sweet Maria debilitated and so sad.  It's hard to watch your child in such a state, but by 7 pm. she was sound asleep and feeling better.


Scott gave me the 'go ahead' to head downtown to meet up with some friends at the street dance.  It was nice to catch up with so many of my favorite people.  I came home late to a sleeping house and word that there were no more mishaps during my absence.  Whew!


Today, Maria woke up refreshed, all the while looking and feeling much better... aside from the head cold that decided to take hold this morning.  I made the tough choice to keep her at home while everyone else enjoyed the parade. 


We're missing out on all the fun at the BBQ tonight too, but I'm okay with that.


Now we're crossing our fingers that none of the others in the house come down with the 'ick'.  Only time will tell.


Overall, I'm okay with us all staying home.  The weather is dreary and cold and there's already been a downpour earlier this morning.  I'm tired and finding that this head cold is lasting longer than I'd like it too.

Hoping the coming week will be a bit better.

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  1. I love how she's making a grass pie. I remember making those. :)

    Hope your week gets better!


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