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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's still spring in Duluth!


summer fruit

Yesterday was the first day of summer, and yet the weather here in Duluth, MN. feels like spring.  Since our arrival it's been cold and rainy with a blustery east wind.  I am trying to keep my spirits high amd remind myself that it's better than the extreme heat in Arizona... something that Scott is still experiencing.  He did sell the trailer last Friday which means we are officially homeless.  The truck has been packed to the brim with our belongings and wait for the long trek back north where most of it will be stowed away.

The girls and I did arrive safe and sound and the plane ride went fairly smooth.  We are now enjoying time at my parent's home which has ample room for the kids to act like fools. :)  I made lemon chicken with potatoes last night for supper and plan to make my favorite rhubarb bars today... something I've been craving for months.  I'm fortunate enough to experience the blooming lilacs of spring and I make sure to take a big whiff when I pass them on my way to the garage.  It won't be long before the peonies start to open too.

There's plans to see sisters and nieces and aunties and cousins and friends.  There will be shopping and eating and hopefully some walking with time by the lake if the weather ever clears up. We will enjoy a street dance as well as an annual parade... or two.  There will be a haircut for Maria and more knitting for me, plenty of picture taking and possibly even a movie in the park.

And that is where I will leave it for now, for there are some delicious bars that desperately need to be made.


  1. save a rhubarb bar for me...or two!

  2. what a change! It sounds wonderful to me, experiencing some heat and humidity over here in PA. I wish it would rain and perhaps be a little chillier. Sounds like there is much to enjoy there.

    Those rhubarb bars sound good...

  3. this week i wanted to be back there so bad, my grandpa did a presentation in virginia mn of his time in wwII....lots of family went. many of my family live in duluth (i think i told you that) anyway....take a walk by superior and if you think of it, send me some lake love from your heart. i'll keep mine open to receive it :) x

  4. sounds absolutely beautiful,barb...


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