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Monday, May 16, 2011

Photobooth fun

Remember when I mentioned that we got our picture taken in the photobooth on Maria's birthday?  Well, I took a picture of it on film because my digital camera was broken, and finally got the roll developed today.


We loved when the machine spit this strip out because well, who wouldn't!  Scott was directing everyone on what faces to make and Ginger is straight faced in each one.  She's also wearing the upside down glasses that she refused to take off for over a week. The strip is now hanging on our fridge and will likely stay there for the duration of our travels.  What a great memory of that day, and what a fabulous tradition to begin!


  1. SO fun!!! ginger cracks me UP. and maria is such a little ham ... love her!

  2. love it! you should do one every year and make a book out of them.


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