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Thursday, May 5, 2011


at the lake-0310
taken last summer at Lake Superior

~going through old pictures on our computer~
~wishing I had an abundance of rhubarb~
~getting ready for another weekend trip to Tucson~
~wishing my camera wasn't broken~
~reveling in these spring time photos~
~finding it hard to believe how much the girls have grown~
~anticipating a nice summer rain up north~
~expecting visitors this weekend~
~and wishing the trailer would magically clean itself~
~loving this on ice with a slice of lemon~
~loving this daily visit~
~realizing how badly we need an outdoor eating area~

I hope you all have a great up and coming weekend.  As I mentioned, we'll be leaving for my parent's tomorrow morning and then expecting some Montana travelers on Saturday night.  See you all next week!


  1. what a wonderful photograph of her in the water.

    I need to clean my house too, but I imaging a trailer would go more quickly? Maybe we could swap? :)

  2. will we see pussy willows when we get back...i think not:(

  3. next year, just plan on a vermont in the springtime sojourn. although today, it snowed. for shizzle. (thank you, lovely!)


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