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Thursday, March 10, 2011

If I could turn back time....

if we could do it over....

~we would've installed different counter tops~
~we wouldn't have packed the Yakima box full of unnecessary stuff~
~I would've packed myself more summer clothes~
~I probably should've went with a more conventional rug~
~we should've went to a more 'qualified' upholsterer~
~wish I would've grabbed those two rolls of unused film~
~I really didn't need all those shoes~
~I would've went to some knitting groups~

Just some random thoughts I've had since being on the road.  I'm sure Scott has his own list too. :)


  1. no looking back...only forward and positive that about the knitting have time...

  2. lists are fun....

  3. I'm with Keli, totally jealous.
    Hit the thrift stores and find some fun summer clothes for your AZ time. Who knows, you might just find a rug while you are at it too :)

    love all the colors in this photo!

  4. I too make lists when travelling to tweak "how to do this better next time."

    Ahh, Life.


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