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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last minute scramble

our rosemary christmas tree

Happy solstice everyone!!

We're glad that everyone back home will be enjoying a white Christmas this year. Over a foot of snow last night?!  We are hoping and praying for great weather next week while Scott's family is here.  They fly in on Christmas day and a trip to San Fransisco and Monteray Bay is on the agenda.  We can't wait to see them and have some fun!

We got ourselves an unconventional Christmas tree to go with our unconventional lives.  It's a rosemary tree and we decorated it with lights and red balls.  It does add that much needed touch of Christmas cheer and when Christmas is over and the new year rolls in, we can make roasted rosemary chicken with lemon potatoes! There are citrus trees everywhere out here and Scott was courageous enough to steal some lemons and oranges from someone's tree.  Trust me... I don't think the owners would've cared (the house was not in the best condition among other things).  They smell divine too!

I will be doing some last minute Christmas scrambling today.  Scott goes back to work tomorrow, so today is my only opportunity to wrap gifts without the girls watching.  I'm hoping to fit in some baking as well... peanut butter kiss cookies and rocky road bars for next week.  One more trip out into the holiday shopping madness too... and from what I can tell, it will be a dry afternoon.

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