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Saturday, October 16, 2010

We've got great news!!

Scott got the call last Wednesday and was offered the job.  What a relief and it was perfect timing as I didn't think I could spend one more day at Buffalo Valley Campground.  We'll be taking approximately 3 weeks to get to Sacramento.  There are a few cities along the way that we'd really like to check out, and luckily we are given time to do so.

  Assuming he'd get the call earlier in the week, we had already started the last minute runaround to tie up any loose ends.  We made the decision to leave that Thursday, but not before seeing my family in Two Harbors and having one last night with friends.

saying goodbye...

We took the drive up the shore on Wednesday to visit my family as well as soak in Lake Superior one last time.  I took a Polaroid picture of the lake just how I would like to remember it... sparkly and blue as far as the eye could see.

Wednesday night some friends and their little ones set up camp two doors down from us.  Maria was thrilled to have Olive and Lane to play with and it was quite amusing watching them run around with their head lamps on thinking they were "big".

head lamps on children...

To my surprise, after putting the kids to bed, I was greeted by more friends!  Two other couples came to laugh and talk the night away over a few beers and a bonfire.  It was a wonderful way to spend our last night in Duluth and we wouldn't have wanted it any other way.  Thank you Kevin, Crystal, Pat, Mandi, Ryan, and Teri... you guys rock!!

we had a bonfire with friends

The next morning was a busy one with last minute packing of dishes, cleaning, and more running around.  We left town around 2:00 and headed down to Sauk Rapids to say farewell to Scott's family.


Once we left, we realized there was no turning back... and it felt really good.

buffalo house-0441

We stopped by Scott's dad's house and then headed over to Grandma Sarah's where we had pizza, cake, and ice cream with Grandma's & Grandpa's and Aunts & Uncles.  It was bittersweet leaving everyone  we love, but our travels back here will be that much more special.

We spent our last night in a cozy bedroom, took a hot shower in the morning, and before we knew it... it was time to say goodbye to Scott's mom, which was going to be quite difficult. *tear*

sarah and fam-0455

As soon as we got in the truck, I opened up our Dashboard Buddha that cousin Brian and his girlfriend Katie gave us.  He's a bit of comic relief when things get tense on the road.  Thanks you guys!

our dashboard buddha

Our first destination on our way to Sacramento was the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Scott and I came here together before we were married, and it was STUNNINGLY beautiful!

Too tired to post about day one in the hills, but will try to fill you in on our whole stay tomorrow night.



  1. And they're off! The adventure truly begins! What a lovely story of goodbyes! Sounds as if you are very happy and I wish you all the best! That dashboard Buddha rocks...pun intended!

  2. Hey Scotty, where is your hair?? You´re looking like me!!! (on the head)

  3. Glad to hear you're off to a great start!!!


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